Monday, 8 November 2010


Last week Hannah did some story writing with her tutor. She learned how to make a story mountain to plan her story before writing it, and then wrote it out.

She worked very hard on planning the story and did really well, but it was very clear that she needed to work on her handwriting a bit more!
The Surprised Hen

'One day there was a plump brown chicken sitting in a nest. Then four eggs appeared. Suddenly there was a crack so she stood up. In the end she had four baby chicks.'

So, today i thought she had better do some handwriting practise. She did five pages of her manuscript work book very nicely,

and a page in her journal. She looked up the words in her 'Words I Use When I Write' book to make sure she spelled them correctly.
Her daddy certainly would like this car since his was scrapped last week and he is currently carless!!

Hannah also did her daily reading book,
And then we read some poems from this lovely new book together. My friend recently sent Hannah this book as a gift and she loves it! Thank you Angel :-)
This evening Hannah went to Rainbows and made some plaster fridge magnets and some christmas decorations!

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