Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Family Saturday for Hannah

Saturdays are usually really busy shopping / houseworking / laundry type days in our house, and since we don't have a car at the moment Hannah's Dad has been out of the house much longer during the week travelling to work and back on public transport, so Hannah hasn't seen much of him this week. So today we left all the boring jobs at home and took Hannah out instead.

First we went to the saturday morning movie which was The Tooth Fairy, Hannah really liked it and also enjoyed the popcorn and chocolate bar box she had during the film !!
Then we did some shopping and she bought a lovely new fleece in Gap (which she immediately put on!) and spent ages with Dean looking at Wii games and music CDs in HMV.
We had lunch out, and also stopped for Slushies, Hannah loves these frozen drinks regardless of the weather lol.

This evening Hannah has been to a belated Halloween party. Her friend from Sunday School was in the USA over Halloween so he had his party tonight instead. She wore her new Kitty suit again, and had a really fun time!

It has been really nice to spend our saturday together having fun - i think we'll do it again :-)


Fiona said...

we love days like that too, and our problem is that we are so easily distracted.
But overall the shopping gets done, the house is tidy(ish), and we are all happy, so I think the balance is fine.
We are trying to spend as much time together as possible now, because we accept there will be a time when our girls don't want to spend all their spare time with us.
Cherish it and live for the moment!

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Sounds like a lovely day.You guys must be missing Dean a lot.