Monday, 1 November 2010


Despite lots of blogging about fun days out, Hannah does also do lessons at home. I try to keep a few days totally free each week so that she can have some quiet, more traditional learning and today was one of those quiet 'at home' days.

She is really enjoying using her new Cuisinaire Rods, so we started with some adding and subtracting practise,

then she did a 'join the dots' worksheet counting in 10's, 5's and 2's.
Her writing really needs some practise so she chose a Halloween sentence worksheet and did a
page in her picture journal. Hannah really doesn't enjoy writing yet, but i think she made a good effort!
Next was reading practise, she still loves these Oxford Reading Tree books!

And finally we started a workbook on The Five Senses.
We talked about all of the senses, and then thought about how they help us - Hannah tried to do some everyday things without using her sight and then talked about what it was like. She noticed that her sense of touch and her hearing worked harder while she was wearing the blindfold.

We then read about how the eye works and agreed that our bodies are really amazing!

Tonight Hannah went to her Rainbows meeting and had a great time catching up with her friends and playing games in the hall.

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