Sunday, 28 November 2010

This Weekend

This weekend started on Friday with a fun afternoon with our friends Lynn, Oshi and Finn from Being Us. Then it was a quick dash home for Hannah to see her friend and tutor, Claire. They did more work on story writing together and Hannah wrote about caring for a horse!

Hannah and Claire
Then yesterday we had our Home Schooling Group's belated Monster Ball! Hannah doesn't do scary costumes so she went as Holly, from 'Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom'

The ball was really, really fun!! Hannah joined in with all the games (very rare for her), and LOVED turning our host Charmaine into a toilet paper mummy :-)

Then having a toilet paper fight with her friends!! What a great party, thank you to Charmaine and her family for making it happen!
Hannah has also done lots of art work this weekend.

A christmas snowman
A Rainbow scene
And a funky fairyToday she has had a really nice playdate with one of her friends from Rainbows. We had a little snow flurry so of course the girls were overwhelmed with excitement and HAD to go to the park. It was a lot of fun though, and they had a fab time climbing fallen logs and spotting toadstools and fairy rings.

Keep your fingers crossed for more snow for us tomorrow, Hannah is desperate to go tobogganing!!


Fiona said...

Fingers crossed for lots of snow to head your way.

Headhuntress said...

Love the tree trunks and Hannah is growing more beautiful everyday! xxx

claire said...

I love that I am considered Hannah's friend as well as tutor - I consider you both very dear friends. xxx