Saturday, 10 March 2012

An Explosion Of Colour - Science Workshop

Yesterday Hannah attended a science workshop held at The Kings Theatre and run by The British Science Association. It was titled An Explosion Of Colour, and involved lots of hands on experiments to teach the children how colours are made and how our eyes and minds interpret colour.

Hannah had a really interesting time and enjoyed it immensely.

She made a wheel which she coloured alternately pink and blue and discovered that when she spun it around it appeared purple.

She and her friends were lucky enough to have the scientist sit with them and explain their findings to them.

She coloured orange, purple and pink dots on blotting paper and then dipped it into water. As the water was absorbed the colours separated into the colours they were made of ie the orange separated into red and yellow!

Next they added food colouring drops to a bowl of milk and then dripped dish washing liquid into the centre and watched the soap repel the colours.

And finally they learned about optical illusions.

It was a really great workshop and has inspired Hannah to want to do more science at home.


Lisa White said...

Me and My lot love these sort of workshops too. Science is so exciting! Especially when we can get all practical with it :)

Lynn said...

It was good.....but better assistants required! I am available for a small fee ;-) xx