Friday, 30 March 2012

Nature Group

We had our first Home Ed nature group today. We met on Milton Common in glorious sunshine for a walk along the shoreline, around the four ponds there and back across the heathland.

One of our friends brought a beautiful border collie (Sammy) that she was dog sitting along for the walk, and Hannah and her best friend Melissa fell in love with her. Hannah has dreamed of owning a border collie since she was tiny and has a collection of collie toys, but this was the first time she had ever been able to spend time with a real one - she was sooo thrilled!!

Our walk was spent mainly along the shore as all the children were having such a great time collecting shells and seaglass, looking for cockles and checking out the local fisherman digging for bait.

At one point i thought we might have to dig Hannah and Melissa out of the mud they went out so far!!

On the way past Swan Pond this beautiful swan came right in to shore, so majestic!
Of course there was lots and lots of dog play,

and the ultimate sign of a good day.......................Mud !!


Fiona said...

It looks like a wonderful day, and I love the photo of the muddy shoes at the end!

Jessica said...

Its always a sign of a good day when there is mud or a little mess at the end:)

Woolly Wanderer said...

I've nominated you for a liebster blog award. should you want to take part the rules are:

link back to the original awarder, add the blog badge to your post and nominate five folks with a following of less than two hundred.

Looks like you and Hannah are having a great time at the moment, the sunshine definitely helps!

Hugs to you San x