Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wildlife Watch

This morning Hannah went to her first Wildlife Watch activity. Wildlife Watch is the junior section of the Wildlife Trust and each area runs activities for children at their local reserves.
Today's theme was Reptiles and Amphibians and the children all began with a colouring sheet while they waited for everyone to arrive - Hannah chose bugs and butterflies.

The first part of the session was learning about frogs and frogspawn. Each child had some 'frog spawn' (really just bubble wrap with black dots on it!) and they had to follow the trail around the common looking for messages tied to the trees. They had to read the message and follow the instructions, for example if the message said ' a bird came down and ate 5 frogspawn' the children would have to pop 5 of the bubble wrap pods. The idea was that they all started with 20 pods, and the messages dictated that they either lose some or move on with all of them depending on the message content, so that at the end the children would see how few frogspawn actually make it to adulthood and why frogs lay so much spawn.

Hannah and her friend Melissa had a great time searching out the messages and popping the bubble wrap.

None of their frogspawn actually made it to adulthood but they didn't seem to mind!
After the trail we all went back to the activity room and the children made clay mosaics. They were supposed to be amphibian themed so Hannah made a snake with funky glass eyes!

and then made a flower for the snake to live under!!!
After the activities finished we went to the playground on the common and the girls ate blue bubblegum lollies,
and played in the stream.
We had a really fun day!!


Lynn said...

Looks great fun and I like the teeshirts. Finn would have loved the stream but the rest I'm not sure he would have enjoyed...especially the colouring ;-) xxx

Sarah said...

I'd forgotten about them. I'd looked into it ages ago as the Gosport one is very close to us. But dismissed it as a really horrible and too long walk. But I think I've found the back path into the reserve which makes it about 30 mins walk through a nature reserve instead of an hour along a busy road and then winding country lane that we would be lucky to survive on foot. And I keep forgetting that we have the car which makes it about 6 mins... Might look into taking Sam.