Wednesday, 28 March 2012

So far this week...............

Hannah has been enjoying her new work books. She started Spelling and Vocabulary on monday and also switched to a new Maths book as well. The old one was very repetative and she was getting tired of it so we checked out a few different ones and got a fun cheerful looking new one. We bought grade two and three as she was quite a long way through grade two in her knowledge already so she recapped a few pages to get used to the style and is going to start multiplication and division next week.

We have been playing lots of Pony Top Trumps, this is Hannah after she won a game with Grandma - she does like winning!!

Hannah had her watercolour class yesterday,

and learned to paint trees.

and today she had a lovely walk with daddy while I went for a ride :-)

A lovely ride it was too!!

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