Friday, 30 March 2012

History Group - WWII

Following on from Charles Dickens, our little history group decided to look at World War II and particularly life as a child during that period. To start us off we invited Hannah and Mimi’s grandmothers along to talk to the children. My mum was 4 years old when WWII began and Mimi’s grandmother was 8 so they had a lot of stories between them to share with the girls.

We collected books from the library covering school, food, evacuation, rations and a World War II scrapbook, and i brought along coins from the period and bought a replica 'Home Front' pack which contained ration book, recipe book, grow your own food leaflet, a chart of war gases and information about disease control among other things.

The grandmas answered lots of questions and told stories from their childhoods and then we had an activity.

The children all made rubbings of the old coins and my mum told them the names of the coins, and explained the coins values. They found the Pounds, Shillings and Pence quite hard to grasp but were interested and made some lovely copies of them.

Then we made replica ID labels like those the evacuees would have worn and aged them with tea bags.

It was a lovely introduction for the girls and we are looking forward to our next session where we think we might try some wartime cookery!

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