Friday, 2 March 2012

Schooly Things and Art

We had been at home for most of today, and Hannah has been very busy!

She did some reading comprehension questions,

and math this morning,

and then we worked through the first chapter in her Social Studies workbook. She really enjoyed this activity, and had lots of questions about map reading afterwards.

After lunch she wanted to do art because earlier this week I bought her this lovely Crayola Sketch and Shade set. She absolutely loves it and has been spending all her spare time using it.
Today she drew Mist, the border collie from her favourite tv program Mist, Sheepdog Tails

A self portrait as a gift to me,


And The Faraway Tree, from the book by Enid Blyton.

I'm so pleased she is enjoying them so much :-)

To finish off her day Hannah went to Brownies tonight and had a lovely time!!


Lisa White said...

Love the picture of the faraway tree my girls love that book! I did a set of questions set on the faraway tree for reading comprehension. This is the link: if you want to take a look! x

Susie said...

That's great Lisa, thanks very much :-)

The Adventurer said...

Great pictures very creative:)