Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring Craft

A couple of weeks ago our home schooling group did a spring garden activity which Hannah missed as she was sick. The other mums very kindly saved her all the things she needed to make it at home so that's just what she did yesterday.

The garden was very simple and really pretty when it was finished. It is just a terracotta flowerpot saucer, a twig attached to the centre (Hannah used some air drying clay to attach it) and tissue paper blossoms. Hannah soaked little pieces of pink tissue paper in glue and then scrunched them onto the twig to make the flowers. Finally, add moss to the saucers and it's all done!

Here it is on the season table.
With the remaining moss and some of her pebble collection Hannah made a dolls garden in a tray for her doll Lanie. The blue tissue is a river!
Lanie seemed pleased with it,
and Hannah had lots of fun playing with her.
Hannah also took all these pictures herself to put on the blog!!