Sunday, 4 October 2009


Hannah loves to draw and paint, she often goes off by herself now and comes back with a picture or card for us. It's lovely to see how her thoughts are evolving, and see her trying to put her them down in her art work.At the moment she is trying very hard to draw all kinds of animals, especially reindeer................thoughts of christmas are foremost in her mind!!

A happy cat

Her first pig
A reindeer in the mountains

Painting is also a lot of fun, she is becoming very imaginative with her use of colours and spends lots of time mixing different shades and painting things unusual colours. Painting often requires wearing a wetsuit for reasons only known to Hannah !! 

Mixing colours at the table (in her wetsuit!)

She found this little box of paints at a friends house while i was babysitting and set herself up in the garden to create pictures.
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