Thursday, 29 October 2009

Baffins Pond

We have had a lovely day at Baffins Pond today with lots of our friends.

Hannah and i arrived early which made Hannah happy as she had time to go searching for the best fallen leaves around the park - there were a lot to choose from as you can see, the park was carpeted in beautiful russet leaves

Then we met up with our friends (at various stages including a long play and coffee break at one of their houses nearby!!)

Went to the playground for a little while,

Until the sun went down and the moon came out.

Then we went for a walk all around the pond searching for bats which are usually there at twighlight...................but not tonight of course :-(

Hannah still had fun though, and loved being with her friends and watching all the wild life get ready for  nightfall.

This squirrel was just sitting on a fence post watching us, i was so close i could have touched him when i took this picture.

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