Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Quiet Day

We've had a really quiet day here today, which has been a nice change from all the rushing around we seem to do.

The day started with Hannah sleeping in until 9.30am!! She moved back into her own room ( completely unprompted) last night, and this was the sight that greeted me when i went to check on her this morning :-)

After breakfast Hannah did some activities from her workbooks, and then did some reading and played with her Sylvanian Families, and this afternoon we thought we would take advantage of the glorious sunshine and go for a walk to the park. 

Of course we had to walk past the charity shop, and Hannah bought herself a little suitcase for our holiday next week (we are going to Devon) and this cute little hat!!

Then we went to the playground and i sat in the sun while Hannah played.................

..................it was a really nice day!!


Gina said...

How lovely!

Rae said...

Have a wonderful time in Devon - where are you going? And thanks for sharing the pics of the sustainability centre; it looks amazing!

Glad you've been enjoying the sunshine, it's been lovely here too - hard to believe its autumn when you get out of the wind and into the sun!

Susie said...

Thanks Rae, we're going to Ringmore, http://www.ringmore.info/ it's near Bigbury on Sea in the south hams, and is where i'm from but i haven't been back for 12 years so this will be Hannah's first visit!

Rae said...

Awww, have a lovely time - a trip down memory lane for you then!