Thursday, 1 October 2009

Charles Dickens House

Our home ed group project is Pioneers and Victorians, so where better to visit than Charles Dickens House? He is Victorian, well known and loved, and lived right on our doorstep!

Yesterday we took some of the children from our group to look around his house, to get a glimpse of Victorian life in our city, and learn more about this amazing author.

Ready to go in

the dining room
The two Hannah's in the parlour
Dickens artifacts
Some of the paintings inspired by Dickens' novels
The actual sofa where he died
In the bedroom

We loved this bed

The house was surprisingly small to have housed a whole family. Mother, father, 8 children and servants all lived together in this 2 bedroomed house with servants living in the attic. Although small, the house spans 4 floors and the character and feel of the Victorian times is evident throughout. Hannah really enjoyed finding out a bit more about 'the man who wrote A Christmas Carol' and asked lots of questions about his childhood and the books that he wrote.

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Rae said...

What a wonderful experience - I'm envious! I love Victorian things myself and to visit that house must have been amazing.

It looks so beautiful, and simple - I love that style. We could certainly use some simplicity around here!