Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pictures from Devon

We are home from South Devon and have had a lovely, relaxing week in the village where i grew up. Hannah has loved every minute of our time there and it was really amazing to be able to show her all the places i love and give her a little insight into my childhood.

Rock-pooling on our first day

Challaborough Beach with Burgh Island in the background.
On Burgh Island at Low Tide, the sea tractor in the picture is used to get to the mainland at high tide.
Hannah playing on the sand at Bigbury-On-Sea
More Sand  Play - Hannah LOVES the beach!!
Us on our last  morning.

The next few pictures are taken around Ringmore Village, where i grew up.

The Village Green overlooking the Valley

Looking towards the lower part of the Village.
My first Home in Ringmore 
The Church Where I sang in the Choir!!
The Centre of the Village
My second  home in the village across the fields - we couldn't get any nearer as there is a steep bank and hedge all around it now.
Hannah on Dartmoor

A beautiful stream running towards Ivybridge from Dartmoor.

It has been a lovely week for us, our first family holiday, a chance to show my little girl a bit more of myself and a chance for her to spend some special time with her daddy as well. The caravan park had an indoor pool where Dean and Hannah  swam together, a playground where they played together and lots and lots of rock pools that they explored together.


Gina said...

What a beautiful place, wow! I'm so glad you had a lovely week together...

Gina xxx

Rae said...

It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks so much for sharing everything here. I loved looking at the photos.

Good to have you back though ;)

sue said...

Oh, what a beautiful place to grow up :)
It certainly does look like you all had a wonderful family time, gorgeous photo's.
sue xx

Devonmama said...

Wow think I might move across the county, your village looks gorgeous xx