Saturday, 17 October 2009

An Autumn Walk In The Woods

We have just come home from a lovely 7 miles tramp through some beautiful Beech woods with some of our friends from the home ed group, and their dog. It was the most perfect autumn day, and Hannah had a brilliant time searching for autumn treasures, climbing on fallen trees, tramping through crunchy leaves and running with 'Ruby' the dog. She and her friend Remmy did lots of exploring, and we picked sloes and sweet chestnuts to bring home.

Hannah was particularly excited to find lots of different toadstools in the woods, including a fairytale red one, and so our next project is too find out all about them.

Admiring the beautiful leaf canopy

Acorn finds
A resting place to examine her litchen covered twig
Oak leaves
balancing act!
A beautiful toadstool
Wild Woods
More toadstools
More treasure
Playing with Ruby
Colours of Autumn

and finally, we came to this really pretty meadering river.

What a lovely start to our weekend :-) On monday we are off to Devon for a week so i'll post if i can, otherwise there'll be a big update when we return!

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