Wednesday, 7 October 2009

If Photographs..........

........  could talk then this one would tell you that Hannah had a lovely time playing with her little friend Archie yesterday, they made music, did jigsaws and played with a multitude of wooden animals.

This one would tell you how much better Hannah is sleeping since she moved back into the family bedroom, and how much happier she is,

and these would tell you that even in torrential rain, without wellies, the child CANNOT resist a puddle - she simply takes off her shoes and socks and splashes around barefoot, she is so funny  :-)


Rae said...

I LOVE the rain photos - they are brilliant! Such freedom.

And I'm really pleased that Hannah is enjoying co-sleeping again; it's wonderful that you embraced this and followed your heart.

I have a sleep party planned this evening as V asks me about once a month 'when can I sleep with you again' so Daddy gets kicked out onto the sofa and we snuggle up together for the night :)

Susie said...

Awww Rae, your sleep party sounds lovely - have a peaceful cosy night :-)