Sunday, 25 October 2009


Today we went to Southbourne Farm Shop to do some shopping. It is a lovely little shop next to a field of longhorn cows and ponies in a village near Chichester. There was an amazing array of pumpkins inside and outside the shop  (must be nearly Halloween) which Hannah was luckily distracted from by the freezers full of weigh and pay frozen fruit! Here she is munching on a bag of frozen summer fruits!!

Whenever we visit this shop Hannah always likes to say hello to these ponies and cows :-)

Then this afternoon we moved our Guinea Pigs into their new home that my lovely sister donated to them - it is much warmer and sturdier than their old home and they were very happily snuggled in there tonight.

Thank you Auntie Nita for Didi and Fifi's new house - love from Hannah xxx

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