Thursday, 29 October 2009

Barefoot Books

Just a quickie to tell you all that i am now selling Barefoot Books ...........yaay!! I used to sell these books a few years ago as they are such gorgeous books, but stopped as i didn't have enough time to really put into it. Well, Hannah is bigger now, and we really needed to find me a source of income to help with the costs of daily living and homeschooling etc so this is it!! I've put a link to my shop on here just incase anyone out there should be interested in having a look at the books.
Wish me luck please, we really need this to be a success :-)


Rae said...

Oh good luck! Barefoot books are great - we've had several of them over the years. I'm sure you'll do well; put a tag line in your emails with a link to how people can buy through you and let people know on the GP forum as well :)

Devonmama said...

Good luck! I'll remember to check out your link when I need to buy books (I never need a reason to buy books lol) xx