Thursday, 4 February 2010

'riting, 'rithmatic and blogging!!!

Today Hannah started with some writing and drawing in her journal. She drew the picture of a pig and then looked through her collection of farming books to find some facts to copy. This is her first attempt at doing something like this without supervision so i think she did really well. 

It says 'Female pigs are sows. They eat lots of food to make enough milk to feed their piglets.'

Then she made herself comfortable and did her maths lesson. She did some addition and then started to learn her 2 times tables.

This afternoon she has been making and decorating these bright and cheerful paper dollies! The second from the right is wearing a baby in a sling!

Finally, Hannah has been asking if she can start her own blog to post all her nature and animal photographs, so today we have set one up for her. She will hopefully be able to do most of it on her own soon as she has her own camera and just needs to practice downloading the photos. It is called Rabbit Tracks which she chose herself, and the words are all her's too!!


Michelle said...

she did a wonderful job on the pig picture! so cute. and those little dollies are beautiful!

Fiona said...

I love the pig picture - she is quiet the artist.
I am off to check out her new blog now.