Monday, 1 February 2010

February 1st

Today has been a quiet 'at home' day and Hannah has been busy.

First she did her journal and drew herself and Dean at the Staunton farm. She has written ' yesterday i went to a farm with my daddy'.

Hannah wanted to make a rain gauge this morning to put in the garden, and followed the instructions she found on the cbeebies website to turn a plastic drinks bottle into one. Before she put it outside she wanted to learn how to measure the water it caught, so i showed her how to use her ruler to measure cm and inches and then filled it to various levels for her to practise. She is going to keep a note book of all the rainfall this month.

This naturally led on to a discussion about where rain comes from, and an experiment with steaming hot water and a cold spoon that we found in a weather science book. 

'Rain drops'

This afternoon Hannah has practised the piano, made up some dance routines and played 'Emma At The Farm' on the DS, which meant trying to read some quite advanced instructions. I helped her with the reading as it was a bit beyond her skill level, but she managed very well and pushed herself to read outside her comfort zone to master some new words.  She is trying so hard to read fluently now, i'm really proud of the progress she has made.

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