Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A lovely day with friends

Today Hannah and i have spent a lovely day with our friends Emma, Steve and their children, and Gina, Ash and their children. We met this morning in the park in Chichester where it had just started snowing, and the children had a hectic hour running around the playground to keep warm and building up an appetite................ 

Then we had a lovely lunch in the vegetarian cafe - a big thank you to Emma and Steve for that, it was yummy :-) ................

Followed by a trip to Chichester Cathedral. Hannah loves the cathedral and had a really nice time hunting for the carved mice and completing the children's cathedral trail.

Looking at the mosaic floor
The nativity scene which is part of the art exhibition
Lighting prayer candles
Hannah lit two candles and said little prayers for her family.
The beautiful stained glass window on the children's trail.
Looking at the amazing colours in the window.

checking out the bronze font

Then it was back outside for more running and playing before finally meeting daddy for a ride home.

Thank you all for a fantastic day, we both really enjoyed it :-)


Gina said...

We had such a lovely time too :)

Michelle said...

looks like y'all had a wonderful time!
beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing