Monday, 22 February 2010

Lapbooking - All About Me

Today Hannah's friend Oscar came over to work on a new lapbook with her. The lapbook is called All About Me, and today the children wrote their own fact files, where they live and who they live with. We are going to get together weekly to work on this as they get along very well and enjoyed working together . Afterwards they had a lovely playtime and Hannah was sad to see Oscar leave at the end of the afternoon.

After Oscar went home Hannah did some reading, and then some painting. This is a sign she has painted to put up in her room - It is a 'No Dressing Up In Clothes From My Drawers' sign !!!


Claire, Roger and The Boy. said...

Thank you both for today. We both had a really nice time. When we got home we talked about printing out a map and marking the places that are important to Oscar and he said we should mark Hannah's house.

Michelle said...

she is SO cute! love her sign ;)
that is a wonderful idea for a lapbook, i'll have to make one with the girls

Rae said...

This was our first lapbook! We loved making it and it's great to see what you have been doing too. I love how we can each weave our own creativity into what is essentially the same thing. Well done Hannah; it's looks fantastic! I hope you enjoy working on the rest of it.