Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Home Education Group Day - Spring cont.

While we were waiting for our group to arrive today Hannah did this picture for one of the other mum's. She is really fond of this particular mum, and learns such a lot from her which is lovely for both of us as it reassures me that Hannah is able to respect and learn from people other than me, (home schooling can be quite isolating at times so this has been a concern of mine), and it gives Hannah a different perspective and another adult friend she can bond with.

After the rest of the group arrived we had a lovely session learning about spring flowers - seeds, bulbs and pollination - the role that the bees and other insects play in pollination, and the conditions needed for flowers to grow.
Finally when our session finished it was raining, so we all went to the cafe in the park for a lovely group lunch together :-)

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