Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Hannah's Journal

Hannah has a primary journal which she tries to draw and write in every day. She usually draws her favourite animals, or wildlife, but yesterday she recieved a package from her best friend Sydney. You might remember that Sydney moved back to the USA last year and the girls keep in touch now by sending each other little cards and gifts. So, in this package were these fantastic colouring stickers, which meant that today's journal entry had to be a little bit different :-)

Hannah has written 'my best friend Sydney sent me some stickers,' and i have to say it isn't the tidiest writing i've ever seen her do, but i've noticed that if she copies something i've written out for her, then her writing is really quite messy, where as if she writes on her own with me spelling out words she doesn't know then it's much tidier! Why is that??
Anyway, she tried really hard and did some very neat colouring and most importantly, she enjoyed it!

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