Saturday, 20 February 2010

Art and Gardening

Hannah has been busy gardening and doing art work today.
She cut out a cardboard chicken shape and then decorated it with glue, glitter and paint.

Here is the finished chicken ready to go on her wall.
Then she planted some insect attracting flower seeds in her little pots. The pots were a christmas gift and last night Hannah decorated them and then baked them in the oven to set the paint before planting the seeds in them today.

She also topped up the earth in her daffodil bulbs which have started coming up, and planted some early miniature onions in a coffee can.
She moved her tiny fir tree outside as it has just started flowering,

and finally planted the little tree ( Treedle) that she draged home from the park earlier in the week!

As she has been unwell this week i bought her a little present to cheer her up today - three beautiful hyacinth bulbs which are just coming into flower and smell beautiful. Hannah loves looking after plants and so they really did make her happy :-)

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