Thursday, 4 March 2010

A Bit Of A Catch Up

This week has been really busy. So busy that i haven't even managed to blog, so here is a quick catch up!

Monday - We dismantled, cleaned, re-roofed and re- built a chicken house and run that we were lucky enough to be given from freecycle - we are getting chickens next week!

Hannah nailing on the roof.The finished house,

and run.

Then we put up our mini green house and started to fill it, and finally cut back the ivy and spring cleaned the garden.

Tuesday - Hannah went bowling for the first time ever with our home education group. She loved it! She was paired up with her friend Oscar which made it even more fun as she really enjoys his company.

Wednesday - Yesterday was our weekly home education group's library session, and the children started a new lapbook on Honey Bees.
They completed the first 2 activities together and then made some bees wax candles to take home. At the end of the session Oscar read a story to the group about lifecycles, and then Remmy read Hannah's The Beeman to the group and we finished with a (very cold but sunny) play in the park.

The lapbook in progress.
Hannah labelled the parts of a bee.

With her Candle.

Thursday - This morning Hannah and i went to Oscar's house to do some more work on the ' All About Me' lapbook that they are working on together. We had lunch at his house, and then this afternoon we all went up to the riding stables for Hannah and Oscar to have a ride out together.
It was beautiful weather, and so nice to be out in the fresh air and countryside. Hannah had a fantastic time, she was so excited and happy to be riding and it really lifted her spirits.

Hannah and Oscar ready to ride.
Ready to go - riding her favourite pony 'Dandy' again!


Jules (Classroom Free) said...

Lovely photos :o)

Fiona said...

Love the chicken coop - Sofie and Emily will be so envious. They are desperate for chickens, so look forward to hearing all about it.

Rae said...

Lovely to catch up with your busy week. I hope you enjoy your chickens and I'd love to take V bowling; she's never been either. I might just do that as a treat sometime :)