Sunday, 14 March 2010


Hannah has a tutor! She is a lovely teacher who teaches at a local school, and on a friday afternoon comes over to our house and works with Hannah for half an hour. Hannah loves her, and hangs on the gate waiting for her to arrive - she is enjoying working with her so much,and it is nice to see Hannah responding and learning from someone else in such an enthusiastic way. This week they were working on diagraphs, and i snapped a picture of Hannah's white board writing at the end of the session. The rest of friday was given to reading stories together and playing. Hannah set up her fairy village,made them a crystal play ground and happily played and chatted to her fairies all afternoon.

The teapot cafe.

Fruit and Jam Stand.

Handbag stall

The crystal play ground
There is also an ice-cream cart, sign posts, and flower umbrella's but she was so engrossed in her game thast i didn't want to disturb her too much by photographing too much!

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