Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wednesday - HE Group

It was HE group again today, and the children carried on with their Honey Bees Lapbook that they started last week.
First they wrote some more vocabulary words and meanings, and then we read about Queen Bees, Worker Bees, and Drones and completed the activity about their different roles in a hive.
We had all brought 'Bee' products from home, so the children got to see different kinds of honey, sweets, soap and toothpaste and then used the globe to discover which country each of the bee products came from.
The craft for this week was to make a felt strawberry decoration as a 'mothers day' gift. One of the mums had prepared the materials and showed the children how make the strawberries. Hannah loved filling the felt shape with stuffing and sewed the top up very carefully. She then cut out leaves which i helped her to sew to the top and finally added a hanging loop.

Here is her finished Strawberry.

She was very pleased with the results and i have a lovely mothers day gift!


Stephanie said...

I would love to receive a strawberry! :)

ukkiwi said...

Looks like a great lapbook, and love your blog. Happy Homeschooling!
New Zealand