Thursday, 25 March 2010

Home Education Group, Park and Craft

Yesterday we went to our usual wednesday meeting at our home ed group. We made some new friends as a couple of new families came along, worked a little more on the Honey Bees lap book, and then the children each made some large hanging mobile bees to take home.
After group we all went to the park where it was beautifully sunny and mild. Hannah took her silk rainbow streamer and had a fantastic time running around with the other children. Of course, being Hannah she also found a big puddle, and then showed it to the other children so everyone got a little bit damp...............and Hannah got drenched!!

And she LOVED it!!

When we got home we hung up her Bee mobile in the serving window between the kitchen and dining room,

and today Hannah made a flower garden for the bee to fly over :-)

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Ariella said...

looks like a great day---and I love your daughter's spunky ways!