Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lambs at Staunton

Ever since Hannah came home from Staunton on thursday she has been talking about the lambs, and how she wishes i had seen them, so naturally we HAD to call in and see them yesterday since we were over that way! Of course we ended up seeing lots more than just the lambs, which were incredibly sweet and funny, and having a lovely time!
Here are some of the pictures i took.

Meeting a kid. A Shetland Pony

He was gorgeous!


These are still inside as they are only a few weeks old, they were so funny playing together :-)

Baby bunnies

How gorgeous is this calf?? He really seemed to like having his picture taken!!
A very happy little girl.
Hannah really loves Owls, and for the first time this one was awake!

We had a really nice time seeing all the new animals and plan to go back very soon to see if the Llama has had her baby as she is due any day. Watch this space......................

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