Thursday, 18 March 2010

A quiet sort of day.

Today has been quiet. Neither Hannah or I have been feeling all that healthy (so many bugs going around at the moment), so we stayed at home and did some gentle activities. Hannah did a page of her journal, writing about, and drawing her favourite fruits (blackberries and cherries) - then, inspired by telephoning her grandma, Hannah wanted to know how a telephone works. We did some internet research and found some quite simple explanations and drawings and read about Alexander Graham Bell. We are going to try out the experiment that we found making a home made phone using cans and string as soon as we have two empty can!

Later on, Hannah wanted to try her Eco Activities workbook that we got at Christmas. She has thought it too difficult up until now, but as her reading and spelling is improving she found that she could make sense of it at last!

She completed the sort out the recycling challenge, and then managed her first ever wordsearch - well done Hannah!!

Lastly we read some stories together before bed - we are working our way through all of the 'Jill's Pony stories' by Ruby Ferguson, which means we have to say 'simply topping' and 'absolutely frightful' to each other quite often and is very funny!!!

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Rae said...

Sorry to hear you are both under the weather - I hope you will be feeling better soon :)