Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Foggy Ride

Hannah had a ride booked for 10am this morning, so when i woke up at 7.30am and heard the fog horns in the harbour I knew it was going to be a bit damp! I didn't really expect quite so much fog, but it did make for a lovely still morning, and out on the bridleway the bird calls seemed so much clearer, and the dampness smelled so fresh and clean that it was as beautiful a morning as if it had been perfect sunshine.

Arriving in the yard
Getting ready to ride - the pony is called Shaley.

The driveway leading out onto the main road.

The Bridleway

I stopped to admire the morning, but no one waited for me!!!

Those blobs in the fog are the other horses!!
After leaving the stables we came home for some lunch, and then Hannah's friend Oscar came round to play for the afternoon - they had a lovely time having a picnic in the kitchen and dressing up.

Lastly, tonight, we let the chickens out of their run for the first time - they were very excited and quite hard to take pictures of, but they were very good and happily let me catch them after a peck and scratch around the garden.

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