Monday, 8 March 2010

Book Sharing Monday and Yoga

Hannah has recently re-discovered her love of yoga, so today she got out her 'My Daddy Is A Pretzel' book and her new yoga cards (we gave them to her as a thank-you for helping out at the fayre on saturday), and spent an hour or so practising the poses in the book.

After she had finished she wrapped up in her rug and did some breathing meditation.

Here are some of the poses in the book.
And here's a picture of the book and cards.
The book is written by Baron Baptiste and is a perfect introduction to yoga for children as it has beautiful pictures and a story running alongside the poses.

Hannah really enjoys this book and we hope you do too.


Joxy said...

Ohhhh I will keep an eye out for that.

And wow, she is good isn't she!


Fiona said...

Great work Hannah, both my girls are really keen on yoga too, but we don't have that book or those cards. Might consider investing though.
Are they Barefoot ones September? And if so, do you post to Switzerland?!

Susie said...

She is very slim and bendy (she does not get that from me lol)!!

They are Barefoot Book Fiona, and we do post to Switzerland. I remember it being quite expensisve shipping through the website though, so if it is, and you're interest email me and i'll order them to myself and mail them over :-)

Michelle said...

my girls like doing yoga too. they are so much better at it than i am

Becky said...

We bought this book last week, its such a lovely book, I really love the barefoot books

Becky :-)