Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

Today has been the best Mother's Day! First i had these lovely cards - one home made and one bought, a beautiful Primula and a 'chicken in a nest' candle.

Then, after a lie in and breakfast in bed, my lovely family took me to Manor Farm Country Park near Southampton. It was a beautiful, mild, sunny day and we had a lovely time.

The Old Shepherds Hut - imagine living in this tiny space!

There were masses of snowdrops everywhere, and beautiful primroses in the churchyard.

Hannah made friends with an unusual family!
The Victorian farmhouse and school rooms.

She is sitting on a wooden badger. Notice the unexploded bomb sign, it is in front of the old air raid shelter.
Inside the tiny shelter.
The entrance to the shelter.

Playing in the Victorian schoolyard.
Trying out the school room.
In the farmhouse parlour.
Outside in one of the barns they have an educational display - here is the inside and outside of a woodpecker's nest.
Q and A board 'Wildlife, Friend or Foe'

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mummy's in Blogland :-)
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