Friday, 19 March 2010

It's Friday :-)

I'm quite glad it's the weekend tomorrow - this week has seemed long !! Luckily friday is the day that Hannah's tutor visits, which cheers us both up. Earlier on today Hannah was writing in her journal and it was soooo sloppy, so i suggested that she might want to write neater so i could read it, this was met with a very stroppy 'i can't do it any better'. Fast forward to 4pm when her tutor was here and she did some very nice, perfectly legible writing. When i asked her why she could do it so much better for her tutor she told me it was because she wanted to 'make Claire happy so she keeps coming back' !! So getting a tutor to come in once a week is a success then :-)

We did do some things Hannah liked today as well, first we did some of the maths workbook we started recently. It's a homework helper really, but Hannah is enjoying doing it as part of her maths.
She did these number grids really well,

and did some subtraction, and practised her two times tables.
Then she did a page of journal.............see above story to explain the lack of picture!!

After that i thought it would be a good idea to do something a bit more creative, so Hannah tried out her new water colours. We had bought a pack of spring pictures ready for painting for the season table, so she did the first one and really liked the way the water colours went on to the paper.

And finally Hannah's tutor arrived, and peace was restored, legible writing returned, and Hannah was all smiles :-)

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Fiona said...

Love the painting Hannah - we have also just discovered watercolours, and both girls are loving them.