Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Hannah has had two lovely surprises today. First of all she received this gorgeous book of Fairy verses in the mail from a lady who read our blog and noticed that Hannah liked fairies. The lady Marian Bell, wrote the book in memory of her daughter and sent Hannah a copy just because...

Thank you so much Marian, the book is wonderful, and your kindness really touched us.
The second surprise came this afternoon when we let these lovely ladies out for their afternoon run around while we cleaned up their run and house.

They enjoy pecking around the garden, even though it is mainly paved,

and especially like the borders for digging around in.

We swept their run, refilled their food and water, and when we went to clean out their house we found this..............

.............. our very first egg!!! So exciting :-) We love our chickens!!!
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