Monday, 29 March 2010

Catching Up

We had a quiet time this weekend as Hannah and i both caught a horrible cold, and Hannah developed a earache with hers. We got some remedies from the homeopath on saturday, which have helped though so we are on the mend now.

Our weekend started with a tea party organised by Hannah on friday evening,
She even baked and iced a cake for it!

On sunday she did a spot of dressing up, and made herself into Cinderella.

This morning she built a den in the living room - another den!!!!
It was very cosy and full of sheepskins, cushions and fleece blankets.
And then this afternoon she felt 'much better, even well enough to paint', so we got out the watercolours and she did this beautiful rainbow over a flowery, grassy hill with a pot of gold at the rainbow's end! I was quite impressed as it is much better than i could have done!!
In progress.

Finished and on the wall

She also did this crayon drawing of pony riding, which unfortunately did photograph very well, but hopefully you can make it out.
This evening Hannah went to her second Rainbow's meeting and had a lovely time making chocolate birds nests and playing games.


Maggie said...

Thank you for joining my blog ( and what a pretty daughter you have. Have a lovely Easter, maybe Hannah will make an Easter Bunny cake...or shouldn't I be giving her ideas?

Rae said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, but it looks like you've been having fun in between times. I love Hannah's painting of the pony and that cake looks wonderful!

Hope you are completely recovered now

Michelle said...

glad that y'all are feeling much better! loved looking over these pictures. looks like she set up a most wonderful tea party ;)