Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Adventure Group

Hannah woke up on Monday with a nasty cold, so i wasn't all that sure we'd be going to Adventure Group this week. She insisted she was feeling better yesterday though, and i thought making a grass head person and some gentle play might be nice for her so we went.
She made two grass head people, one will have grass hair and the other a grass beard as she 'accidentally on purpose' drew his head upside down!!

Then there was some gentle play with Lucy and Melissa on the slide.................

 ..........and then i heard the words 'lets make mud pies' !!!

I stopped taking pictures at this point but believe me there was a lot more mud, her face, hair, top, arms...........everywhere was covered!!!

From now on i think Adventure Group might be renamed 'Mud Glorious Mud' lol!!

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