Thursday, 24 May 2012

Beach Day!

Yaaay, the summer has arrived at last! Today we headed out to the beach with some homeschooling friends for some sunny fun!
Gorgeous girls!
My tree swinging monkey child!

On the beach!

It must have been freezing in the water, but that didn't stop anyone!


Hannah was very brave and went out quite deep for someone who can't swim yet! Her older friend Jordan was swimming just behind her though so she wasn't alone.

She loved being in the sea

After the children had splashed through all the spare clothes and the mist started to roll in my friend Sally and I took our children to the Natural History Museum just across form the beach to see the early butterflies.

Butterfly feeding area


Hannah reading the names of the butterflies to Freya!

It is so lovely to have some warm sunny weather and to be able to hang out outside all day!

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