Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Heavy Horse Weekend - Southsea

This weekend was also the annual Heavy Horse Weekend in Southsea so ignoring the continuing horrid weather we went down to see the events!

We saw the scurry driving - the horses were all very over excited and jumpy because of the strong winds blowing across Castle Field, which made it quite interesting to watch!

Hannah had a donkey ride!

We both had a cart ride!

We had a lovely surprise when we bumped into Grandma and Auntie Anita and Uncle Andi! Look at Hannah's happy face!

We watched the horses getting ready for their turn in the ring.

This is Dolly! She is our favourite and is the one we look out for every year.

We had a lovely time and Hannah really enjoyed seeing the horse drawn vehicles close up. She said she'd like to ban cars and go back to horses and carts!

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