Friday, 18 May 2012

A Poem

In our house we have a new 'No TV before 1pm' rule. I made the rule mainly because we have such busy days that if Hannah watches TV in the morning we don't seem to have enough time to get any work done before we have to leave for an activity. If the TV is off until 1pm and do have a day at home she still gets plenty of time to catch up on any programs she likes to watch which seems to work quite well I thought.
Well, on Wednesday morning Hannah was feeling grumpy about doing any school work, but we were meeting Grandma after lunch, so instead of plodding on with her workbooks I brought out this great new American Girl book that I bought recently.

After looking all through it and getting quite interested, Hannah thought she might be able to write a poem using the Poets Path................

..............Why don't you try to write about something you feel, like happy, or excited I suggested, and this is what she wrote!

I am a grump but not a glump, (moshi monsters character!)
I don't have TV,
Oh poor, poor me,
I miss it a lot
I wish it was 1 o'clock

Her first poem, just what i'd asked for...............but i may need to rethink the 1pm rule !!


Fiona said...

Her poem is brilliant, and I love how she expresses herself so well in it.

Hagthorn said...

I love Hannah's grumpy page and poem... ah yes, I think back fondly to those golden days we were able to enforce a no TV before 4pm rule!