Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wildlife Watch - Bushcraft Skills

This week at Wildlife Watch Hannah has learned how to make a bow and arrow!

First she learned how to tie the knots she would need.

Then made her arrow using a vegetable peeler to strip the bark and sharpen a point.

Next she worked the hazel stick into a curve and tied the string to make the bow,

added a feather to the arrow and she was finished.

Daddy showed her how to hold the bow,

and demonstrated shooting it.

Then Hannah managed on her own!

Afterwards we went over to the common where Hannah and her friends played in the stream, discovered a rope swing and played in the playground in the sun!


Fiona said...

Sounds like a perfect day and I love Hannah's bow and arrow. What a cool project.

The Adventurer said...

How neat she made her very own bow. we love the bush man tv series, have you seen it?