Monday, 21 May 2012

The New Forest Bird Trail

The RSPB and Hampshire Ornithological Society held their 4th annual New Forest Bird Trail yesterday, and Hannah and her friend Melissa went along as part of the Wildlife Watch team. It started at 8.45 am, which meant leaving home at 7am (very early for Hannah!) and it was a finger numbingly cold morning!! Still, she really wanted to go, and was super excited that we would be in the New Forest and she might see wild ponies!

 We arrived early and checked in. The girls were given name tags - we were The Mistlethrush Team!

 Then there were activities to do - making a bird mask, colouring bird ID sheets and matching the skull to the bird.

 At 10.15am our team set off!

A Chaffinch singing in a tree!

The mossy ball in the centre of this picture is a Goldcrest's nest!

New Forest scenery!
We heard lots and lots of birds but saw only a few. In this area we saw Blackbirds and a Redstart while we ate our picnic lunch.
 After lunch Hannah was thrilled to find a stream!
 Of course they were looking for birds down there...........................or maybe they were just paddling, but they were definitely having fun!
 And then there were wild ponies!!! Hannah was so happy!

Team Mistlethrush!

 Another stream!

We finally finished our walk at 2 pm - everyone was tired but happy and Hannah was excited to learn that our team came in 5th despite not seeing as many birds as we had hoped.

After ice cream we said goodbye and set off for home. As we were going back through the heathland we saw more ponies! Well, we had to stop since they were right by a car park - they were so sweet! Little Shetland mares and foals, Hannah was ecstatic, especially when one of them plodded across the car park to see her!!

Heading for Hannah

So friendly

She even got a kiss!!
It's not every day you get to kiss a wild pony!!

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