Thursday, 31 May 2012

Exploring The Countryside

Yesterday I woke up with a desperate yearning to get out of the city! Hannah loves being in the countryside so we took several buses and went out to Denmead for a country walk.
We found a little footpath along the side of a field where we stopped for a picnic lunch.

Hannah wrote down all the birds, flowers and butterflies she could see while we ate.

And then delighted in running up and down the footpath! The grass was taller than she is!
 We explored the hedgerows for wild flowers and insects and found Bees, lots of different coloured Snails, Ladybirds, Dead Nettle, Elderflower, Speedwell, Forget-Me-Not, Buttercups, Stitchwort.

 I told Hannah how I had loved finding Stitchwort seed pods when I was little and popping them, so she scoured the hedges looking for some, and discovered that she loves it as much as I did!

I really love sharing these memories with her. I had a very traditional, rural upbringing which I always hoped Hannah would have, but sadly we live in the city. Sharing my childhood memories with her, and just wandering around the countryside showing her the flowers and birds is so rewarding, she is really interested in everything, and I really believe she is a much happier child when she is out in nature.
Anyway, we wandered on and came to a dairy farm..........much excitement from Hannah!! We saw Swallows swooping overhead, a Kestrel flew up from the field really close to us and there were Bluetits and Finches all around the field gate . Hannah climbed up to watch them!

 I would have liked to get some bird pictures, but they were just too quick for my phone camera to get them.
Denmead Farm
We were just walking across this field when a shower hit - huge sploshing drops came down and soaked us! We ran for the trees in the distance and sheltered under the picnic blanket until it passed!
Then we followed the bridleway back to the lane where Hannah was amazed to see the tarmac steaming!
You can't make it out in the picture but the whole lane was steaming in waves as it dried and everything smelled beautiful and fresh.
 As the rain clouds blew away all the insects came back out,

Hannah spotted a Green Woodpecker, and we finished our walk listening to the song of a Skylark.


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Fiona said...

What a glorious day, and how wonderful to be able to share so many of your own passions with Hannah.

And a huge Happy Birthday to Hannah too (sorry we are a bit slow). Sofie got her birthday present and LOVED it, so we will be sorting out something for Hannah very soon.

PrairieJenn said...

This sounds like the perfect day to me:) Such a beautiful countryside where you live! Great photos favorite is the one of your daughter running in the tall grass.

Hagthorn said...

You're so lucky you can share a love of getting out into the countryside together! I'm envious of that! Reckon I'll have to do some trading... computer day in exchange for a wild outdoors day!