Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rockbourne Roman Villa

On Thursday Hannah and I went with our friends Elly, Melissa, Oliver and Sydney to Rockbourne Roman Villa near Fordingbridge for a workshop and visit.

The children learned about the age of the Villa and how it would have looked, the lifestyle of the people who lived there and the slaves who would have worked there. They dressed in slave robes and tried their hand at a variety of jobs.

The children were split into groups and each group was given a slave task to complete. Hannah was in the cooking group (although she just watched the making of the food as she has an aversion to honey!) and they made dates stuffed with cream cheese and coconut and then covered with honey and olives.

 Afterwards they offered them around the group for everyone to try!
 After the session we had time to look around on our own and have a picnic lunch. It was raining and the field was nicely muddy so Hannah and Melissa spent a happy half an hour splashing around !!

Afterwards we drove home through the New Forest and saw lots of wild ponies and donkeys - it was a really fun, interesting day out.

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