Sunday, 6 May 2012

Beltane - Burning Of The Wicker Man Festival

Last night we went to the annual  Burning Of The Wicker Man event at Butser Ancient Farm . It's one of our favourite events and, despite the damp conditions, this year was no exception!

The Farm Round Houses

Looking forward to the start!

This year's Wicker Man

The Birds Of Prey were back - This is Hannah's favourite owl Punk.

We watched them fly,

and Hannah was thrilled to fly the Barn Owl!

She enjoyed candle dipping with The Woodcraft Folk

And decorated lantern jars,

Had the most fun ever dancing with her friends Mia and Tarka !

How cute are these girls!!

We listened to lots of folk music

and then it was time to light the Wicker Man!

A lovely end to a brilliant evening!


Fiona said...

Now that is an impressive fire.
And Hannah's candle is just beautiful.

Hagthorn said...

Sounds lovely, wish we'd made it over there now! Love the girls dancing pics. x

The Adventurer said...

Now this is a festival I have not heard of since we have lived in England! Would love to see it tho...does it have something to do with May day?