Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Learning New Things!

On Monday Hannah decided that now she is 8 she would like to learn a few new life skills! So she began by learning how to cook her favourite breakfast - bacon and eggs!

She even managed to seperate the egg as she doesn't like the white part!

And then she washed the dishes afterwards and tidied the kitchen!
It was such a lovely day that we took Hannah's school work out into the garden, where she finished the second to last section of her grade 2 maths, and did some English.

After that she worked on her Nature Watcher Brownie Badge. One of the things she had to do was to make a wildlife feeding station so Hannah made one for Butterflies.
She later added a big , bright flower shaped sponge to the dish of honey water.

On Tuesday we had a Jubilee celebration at home ed group, and the children ran some sports races. Hannah had never run in any races before and was really excited to try the three-legged race and the sack race!

The races were just for fun and all the children had a great time!

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PrairieJenn said...

Looks like a great day! Love the butterfly feeding station and all that play time outside:) My girls would love all of those games!